Gift Basket Ideas for the Homeless

Updated February 21, 2017

Homeless people do not necessarily have to be people who are without shelter at all. There are homeless people who sleep in their car, in a homeless shelter or at someone's house as a guest. Regardless of the particular situation, a gift basket can take some of the pressure off of the homeless and provide them with basic necessities to make life a bit easier.


For a homeless woman, some ideas to put in her gift basket include fragrant soap and a wash cloth to bathe with; some deodorant, razors, a comb and brush as well as a hand mirror. When choosing a shampoo and conditioner to place in the basket, purchase two kinds of each; one with fragrance and the other without fragrance in case she is sensitive to the chemicals. A nail file and polish, as well as dental necessities, should also be included. Stockings and shoe cushions for high heel shoes are a great idea for women as they can be used for work and a nice feminine fragrance is a great final touch.


For men, several pairs of warm socks are a great starting point. When purchasing the socks, make sure that you find a variety of types since you do not know who the basket is specifically going to. Purchase ankle socks and tube socks as well as a few pairs of thin socks for dress shoes. Razors, soap, shampoo and conditioner are must-haves for the gift basket as well. Pick out a few handkerchiefs as well; a plain white one and some with designs as well. As a finishing touch, add a nice, masculine-smelling cologne to the basket.


For children who are homeless, the same basic necessities should be purchased as with the men and women. For the toothbrush, purchase a cool motorised one that is designed specifically for children. The toothpaste can be fun as well with great-tasting flavours. In addition to the basic necessities, purchase a few toys that can be for boys and girls. School supplies are also great items to put in a gift basket for homeless children as well as socks, gloves and undergarments.

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