The best paint colors for a west-facing room with cherry furniture

Written by andrea griffith | 13/05/2017
The best paint colors for a west-facing room with cherry furniture
Keep your room looking elegant and chic with the correct paint colours. (Youthful living room interior image by Paul Hill from

Cherry wood has a way of making any room look a little more sophisticated, classy and chic. To complement your cherry furniture, you should get paint that works well with it. If you have a west-facing room, however, you need to keep in mind that the walls will appear much brighter and stronger because of the natural light.

Cool Tones

To cool down the bright effect a west-facing room will have, consider painting the room in blues or purples. These tones will minimise the overly intense effect other colours, like yellow and orange, can have in the room. To keep your room looking welcoming, cheerful and homey, choose a light blue-grey. To add more elegance and a formal feel to the room, choose a deep violet colour.

Relaxing Tones

Green tones will also work to tone down a west-facing room. Green is a great choice for the bedrooms, family room or living room, as it has a relaxing feel to it. The best green tones that work very well with cherry wood are sage and a light, airy green. Avoid bright greens like lime or grass green, as these colours can become too intense in the bright room.

Dramatic Tones

If your west-facing room is a dining room, sitting room, office or library, you may want to experiment with a deep, rich colour. For a dramatic look in the room, choose a deep red. Dark, cherry red will not only darken the bright room, but it will look stunning against cherry wood furniture and/or walls. Stick with a red colour than has more of a brown hue to it than an orange hue, as the orange hue can make the room too bright.

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