How to Paint Teak Wood

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Teak wood is commonly found in patio furniture and boats. Over time and with exposure to outdoor elements, teak wood is prone to deterioration and ageing, making the wood an ashen grey colour.

Painting teak wood isn't the best recommendation for teak furniture because the oil in the wood causes the paint to peel if the wood isn't properly sealed after paint application. With proper care and preparation, your teak wood can be painted and look beautiful once again.

Clean your teak wood with a mild soap or dish detergent and a rag. This removes any debris, such as dust and dirt that has collected on the surface of the wood. Do not use any abrasive items to scrub the wood.

Spray the teak wood with a water hose to remove the soapy water and let the wood dry. The wood should dry for 24 to 48 hours.

Sand the wood with fine grit sand paper. Do not rub the sand paper back and forth; instead, go with the grain for the best outcome. Wipe the dust away with a dry rag.

Paint the teak wood with a paint brush, going with the grain. Going with the grain gives the finished look a smoother appearance. Allow the paint to dry per manufacturer's instructions.

Wipe the wood with a dry rag to clean it before applying a stain.

Apply a semi-transparent stain to the wood. For the best protection, use a wood stain that offers UV protection.