Tips for Growing Out Short Hair

Updated November 21, 2016

Growing out short hair does take time, but with patience and persistence you can have long, healthy locks. Getting your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks helps maintain strength by getting rid of split ends. You can also make changes to your diet and avoid perming or colouring your hair while you are trying to grow it out. Hair mask treatments are also helpful.


Eat protein daily. Your hair is actually made up of keratin protein, and the cells in your body create new hair with the protein that you consume. Eating a diet rich in protein can help maintain healthy hair. Eat salmon, chicken and other good sources of protein. If you are a vegetarian you can also find plenty of vegetable or non-meat sources such as tofu, beans and spirulina. Spriulina is a blue-green sea vegetable that is often sold in supplement form at the health food store. Boost your protein by adding spirulina to smoothies or other foods.


Take biotin supplements and eat foods rich in biotin. The University of Maryland Medical centre recommends biotin because this nutrient helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. You can buy biotin supplements at the health food store or simply eat foods rich in biotin daily. Eggs, chicken, fish and other meats are all high in this nutrient. You can also get biotin by eating Swiss chard and other dark green leafy vegetables.

Get a Trim

Getting a trim doesn't necessarily make your hair grow faster, but trimming your hair makes it more manageable.Trim off at least 1 inch or more every time you visit the salon. This may seem like a lot, but doing this ensures that your locks remain free of split ends as your hair grows out.

Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are also beneficial when growing out your hair. You can make your own hair masks at home or buy specific products at your grocery store or online. Amla powder is a common treatment found online. Amla comes from the Indian gooseberry. This powder is high in vitamin C and other nutrients that feed your hair. The powder is mixed with water and applied to wet or dry hair. You can also find protein pack treatments at the grocery store or salon. Raw honey is also beneficial. You can apply raw honey to dry hair, leave it for 20 minutes and then wash with shampoo and conditioner. Nourish your hair with one of your favourite hair treatments each week.

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