Simple ways for teenagers to make money online

Updated February 21, 2018

Whether they are too young to work because of employment laws or they just do not have the flexibility or time, teenagers can turn to the Internet to make money online. For teenagers with an open mind and willingness to put in the time and effort, several opportunities exist online to make money. While the online "jobs" will not make teenagers rich, they will learn job responsibility and earn a little extra cash.


A plethora of online companies exist that pay people, even teenagers, to take surveys. Companies like Ipsos I-Say let people of all ages sign up for free to be part of the survey community. Once signed up, members receive surveys through their e-mail. If they qualify and take the survey, they receive points that can be exchanged for cash and prizes, according to the Ipsos website. Depending on the survey, compensation ranges from 60 p to £1.90 per survey and surveys take anywhere from 10 minutes to 40 minutes to complete.

Sell items online

With companies like eBay, teenagers can easily and safely sell items online and make money. eBay accounts can only be set up by those age 18 and older, but teenagers can still list items for sale under a parent's or other adult's account, according to the eBay website. Sellers only pay a small fee to eBay if the item sells and eBay provides buyer and seller protection to prevent fraud. Along with their own items, teenagers can ask their parents for items to sell and even go to family, friends and neighbours for unwanted or unused items to sell.

Write product reviews

Teenagers are huge consumers and can get paid to provide reviews of items they use, places they go and things they do through websites like Review Stream. As the Review Stream website states, teenagers can review nearly anything they use or do and get paid up to £1.60 per review. Reviews are written and easily submitted online through the Review Stream website. The Review Stream website also lists tutorials and resources to help teenagers get started writing good reviews.

Freelance work

Teenagers who are savvy in areas like writing, website creation or graphic design can find easy freelance work on websites like Up Hype. Up Hype allows users to specify "gigs" they would be willing to perform and buyers can request those services, according to the Up Hype website. Each gig can be priced at £5, £10 or £15. For example, a teen can post a gig designing a website for £15 and interested buyers would purchase that gig. After performing the gig and delivering the final product, the teenager would get paid.

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