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5 Minute Presentation Topics

Updated April 17, 2017

A five minute presentation topic addresses an informative or persuasive topic quickly, succinctly and clearly. A big challenge of a short speech is that the topic must tackle a specific topic and not dwell on things that take too much time to explain. With such a short time frame, presenters must focus a well-organised topic in an easy to understand format. Adding visuals such as charts, graphs and photographs make a presentation more engaging.

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Consumer issues make great short presentations, namely because of the ability to take a specific topic and to highlight a few points especially in the areas of saving money, choosing the right investment banker or picking the right stock options. A speech about saving money can include buying in bulk, getting the most out of a sale or shopping for great deals on consignment. Presenters can also address what to look for in an investment banker, what banks have a good reputation and what is a good price to pay for their services. With presentations about stocks, topics can include the hottest stocks by industry, the worst stocks to pick and the best software to monitor the stock market.


Presentations about travel and tourism can cover topics such as looking for the best travel deals, visiting a foreign country and choosing the best family vacations. Topics can also include finding great vacation deals on the Internet and booking vacations at the right time of year to get the best deal. Presenting about foreign travel, speakers can talk about how to get a passport, what to look for in local cuisine and what phrases to learn in a foreign language. A presentation about the best family vacations can help a family decide which would make a great trip -- amusement parks, national landmarks or an undiscovered city. Visuals work great in these types of presentations.


Presentations about health can revolve around patient care and issues within the health care system. A short speech about how to lose weight, what to look for in a fitness instructor and how to eat a balanced diet all highlight major points within each of these areas. While issues like abortion, bioethics and physician assisted suicide would take hours to explain, choosing smaller subtopics such as a recent court challenge or news event might work within the time constraints of a five-minute speech. Medical and health topics often contain a lot of "doctor-speak," which can confuse audiences -- presenters should refrain from using such language.


Some of the best presentations about technology surround the "best of" something and how to use a particular gadget. Presenters who talk about the best software programs, computers, printers, digital cameras and places to buy a computer can cover a lot of information in just five minutes. Showing audiences how to use a digital camera, how to connect to the Internet at a coffee shop or how to properly use a Bluetooth all provide helpful information. Presenters who choose a product demonstration should choose something that works and something they know how to use. These presentations should also be full of facts and figures in addition to presenting about who uses these products and who offers great recommendations.

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