What are good colors to use with sage green?

Sage can be a light grey-green or dark grey-green colour. Sage shades can include more green than grey or more grey than green. The colour is a calming near-neutral shade often used in home decor for wall paint, furniture and accents. Sage works well as a primary colour in a room or as an accent colour.


Sage and common neutrals such as canvas, khaki and grey work well with many colours. Coordinate sage walls with neutral-coloured furniture, carpeting and wood flooring, or mix sage with bold splashes of colour including fuchsia.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are colours found in nature, typically greens and browns. The colour sage works well in a room decorated with other natural tones.

Complimentary Colors

Green and red are found on opposite sides of a standard colour wheel. This relationship makes green and red a complimentary colour pair. Pair sage green with red for a striking look. Paint your walls sage and use bright red throw pillows. Or, paint the walls red and use sage green as an accent. Be careful not to allow the red and green colour scheme to become too reminiscent of Christmas. Alternatively, purple-red colours such as plum and eggplant make a bold statement when paired with sage green.

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