Gifts for a 20 Year Old Brother

Updated February 21, 2017

Purchase a gift for your 20-year-old brother that will be fun enough to appeal to his age yet useful enough that he'll appreciate it. If you know his personal tastes this will be an easier task but there are gifts to get that any young man would enjoy.


Young men like to look nice and, even though they may not admit it, enjoy being a little bit fashionable. Purchase something for him that he may not buy himself, such as a beautiful leather jacket or high-end pair of jeans. A new belt with a funky buckle, pair of trendy sneakers and some socks, or even a stack of T-shirts bearing witty slogans or in colours that complement him are good gifts. Men of all ages like scarves and hats for colder weather, and if he has a signature look such as always wearing a neat scarf or baseball cap, add to his collection with a new piece.

Gift Cards

Practical gift cards are a good option for a young man who may not always have disposable cash. If he has a pay-as-you-go cell phone, load him up with minutes. If he enjoys listening to his MP3 player, give him a gift card to purchase some new songs. Get a coffee shop gift card for a Java junkie, or a certificate for some new video games for a gaming guy. Zero in on his interests when considering a gift card. If you're not sure, a card to his favourite restaurant, pizza place or takeout delivery joint will be much appreciated.

Car Accessories

If your brother takes a lot of pride in his wheels, cater to his love of his car with some car-related gifts. New floor mats or a steering wheel cover are good options, or fix him a kit that includes tire cleaner, a micro cloth, window cleaner and other things he can use to buff his car to a shine. A tool box or jump leads will keep him safe on the road. A cool or funny item to hang from his dashboard mirror, air fresheners or a gas card he can use to fill up the tank are all ideas for a car lover.

Outdoors Items

If your brother's favourite place to be is outside, pick a gift that reflects this interest. Look into some sporting equipment or new hunting gear, a fashionable track suit for his daily jog, a holder for his MP3 player that will stay on his arm while he works out at the gym, or a neat duffel bag to hold his gear while he jets from work to exercise. If he's a hiker, get him a new backpack or sleeping bag, or even a nice travel mug or steel water bottle.

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