Phones That Are Compatible With Audi Bluetooth

Updated April 17, 2017

Bluetooth is the name given to a group of wireless technology standards that allow different types of electronic devices to interact via short-range radio waves. The Audi "Phone Preparation with Bluetooth" system utilises the Hands Free Profile. Not all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, however, are compatible with the Audi phone systems in the different models of Audi cars. The phones listed here are suitable for use within the United States.

Phone Manufacturers

Apple: The standard model iPhone as well as the 3G and 3Gs models can be used. Audi does not recommend the use of Apple software 4 on the last two models.

BlackBerry: 8000 series and 9000 series models. A restriction is that pairing must be initiated from the BlackBerry device on some models.

HTC: 12 models are compatible, including the Droid, Hero and Ozone. Some limitations are placed on phonebook displays.

LG Electronics: Most models are compatible, including the Chocolate, the enV series, the Glimmer, Rhythm and Touch. All have internal phonebook, call lists, provider name and signal strength displayed.

Motorola: Compatible models include the Droid, evoke QA4, Hint, the "i" series, and the Q9 and V9 series. For some models, the dialled, missed and received call lists are inaccurate.

Nokia: Seven models including 3555, 5130, 6205, 6555, 6650d, 7705 Twist and E71 will work with the Audi system. Most models have access to the SIM phone book as well as internal phone book.

Palm: The most popular Palm models -- Centro, Pixie, Pre, Treo 775p, Treo 800w and Treo Pro -- are compatible. No limitations are defined, though none of the models have a mobile ringtone.

Samsung: More than 30 Samsung models support the Audi phone system, including the Freeform, Gravity and M series. Identified limitations, depending on the phone model, include inaccurate or duplicated call lists for dialled, missed and received calls.

Sanyo: Katana DLX and LX, Eclipse and SCP-2700 are compatible and no limitations are identified.

Sony Eriksson: Eight models are compatible, including Equinox, TM506 and W350; no restrictions are identified.


These networks provide phones, from different manufacturers, that are compatible with the Audi Bluetooth system: Alltel, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Up-to-Date Information

This information is current as of October 2010. With the rapid changes in the phone manufacturing industry, more phones are being developed that are compatible with the Audi Bluetooth system. The Audi company websites, for the appropriate country, have a database that contains all mobile phones currently supported and any restrictions known, for each model of car that that they produce.

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