Anti Stress Gifts

Updated March 27, 2018

Stress comes with many life changes, both good and bad. Give gifts of stress relief to friends and family members who are overburdened or going through a difficult time. Whether you want to commemorate a special occasion or simply let someone know that you care, the right gift will ease the load an infuse their life with a little burst of serenity.

Pampering Gifts

Bath products infused with aromatherapy oils are known for influencing mood. Choose shower gel, lotion, oil and scented candles in a relaxing scent like lavender, or in your friend's favourite scent. Consider including a massage implement, soft socks or a luxurious throw to curl up in. Nail polish and manicure tools are another possibility. Package your pampering items in a satin bag or a basket that matches the decor of the gift recipient's home.

Food Items

When stress is high, it is really difficult to keep up with cooking, let alone eat a nutritious diet. Yet, eating healthfully sometimes helps a person to feel better during stressful times. Relieve the pressure of having to prepare food, while also nourishing the body and spirit, by giving the gift of healthy food. Put together a gift basket of fruits and vegetables, arrange for organic produce delivery or prepare a meal infused with loads of veggies like vegetarian lasagne, stir-fry, salad or vegetable pita pockets on whole wheat.

Practical Help

The stress of a messy home only makes things seem worse when other monumental life changes are also brewing. Help your friend or family member clean house for the next few weeks, or hire a housekeeper if you are not available. Offer to babysit the kids so that parents can get a break and some alone time. Mow the lawn, take care of home improvement tasks, or fix something that is in desperate need of repair. Relieve the stress of the mundane daily tasks so that the gift recipient is free to focus on more important things.

Self-Care Resources

Meditation, exercise, psychotherapy and massage all help to relieve stress. Give a series of meditation CDs, or a gift token for a free meditation class. Consider purchasing a gym membership as a gift, or offer to be a walking buddy a few times per week. If your family member or close friend has expressed an interest in psychotherapy but lacks the funds, volunteer to bridge the gap. Purchase gift tokens for stress-reducing massage with a qualified massage therapist, or give instructional massage materials to a couple so that they can learn to give massages to one another, without the cost of paying for a masseuse.

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