Birthday Ideas for an 80 Year Old Man

Updated April 17, 2017

Many people are living much longer lives in the 21st century and it is not uncommon to celebrate birthdays passing the 80 year mark. When a man gets to be this age, finding the right gift may not be easy. To truly honour him, celebrate the life he has lead and the man that he is by giving him a gift that reflect the things that you love about him. Keep these ideas in mind to help create a birthday that he will cherish.

Electronic Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are a nice way to showcase all of his loved ones. There are many different styles to choose from and you can find them at various electronics stores and online retailers.


Music can soothe the soul. Pick out some depression-era big bands like Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington to remind him of his childhood.

Family Tree

Make a family tree. The American Family website offers an interactive family tree that you can create with your birthday guy, or for him.


Get him something for his hobbies, whatever they may be. Perhaps he likes tinkering in the garage, if so get him a new tool. If he is a collector, look around eBay and other shops to add an item to his collection. If he plays golf, consider getting him a new bag for his clubs.

A Book About Him

Instruct his children and grandchildren to each write a page about him. Make it a favourite memory or a bit of wisdom that he has given. Include a picture of him with each person to accompany the written pages and have this collection made into a book for him.

Gift Tokens

Give him a gift token to a favourite restaurant or store. Many seniors live on a fixed income and will not splurge on themselves.

A Scrapbook of His Grandkids

Make grandpa a scrapbook featuring all of his grandchildren and great grandchildren. Let the kids help you decorate the pages.


Have a family reunion-style birthday party; invite his brothers and sisters along with all of his kids and their children. Take him on a vacation to a place he has always wanted to visit for his birthday. Have a small gathering at a restaurant to celebrate.

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