Good cereals for a diet

If you're trying to lose weight, the right choice of breakfast cereal as part of a calorie controlled diet can greatly improve your odds of success. Cereals that are low in sugar and fat are the best choice, as they deliver more nutrition with fewer calories. There are various diets that endorse the use of one particular brand of cereal, but variety, along with portion control, are key to maintaining a healthy diet for weight loss.

Bran Flakes

These are typically high in fibre and low in fat, but you should always check the packaging to make sure that there isn't an excess of sugar or sweetener. Bran flakes make an excellent base for a breakfast but they can get boring when eaten on their own. Add fruit and use low-fat milk to optimise the effects of consuming a high-quality cereal.


Another high-fibre, low-fat option is oatmeal. Make it with water or 1 per cent milk to reduce the fat content of the entire serving. Add banana or another fruit to turn a humble oatmeal dish in to a high-energy training meal.

Many competitive body builders favour oatmeal for the slow release pf energy it provides, which is beneficial when training. Oatmeal is a great choice if you are combining an exercise regimen with your weight loss diet. Eat a bowl of oatmeal and a banana about 90 minutes before exercise for the most benefit.


Kelloggs frequently promotes certain cereals as weight loss foods. They market the Special K diet for example, as a way of dropping a jeans size in a month. While this may be possible, eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day for a month will get boring quickly for most dieters. Cornflakes from any manufacturer are a healthy choice if eaten in a healthy portion of approximately 45g and without sugar.


The great thing about muesli is that you can make your own. This means you can add the fruits that you enjoy and leave out the things you don't want. Homemade muesli is a great choice if you want to control your calorific intake.

The basis of muesli is rolled oats. Use no more than a 2-cup serving of oats and add dried fruit, nuts and even a tablespoon of honey for a tasty, high-fibre, high-energy breakfast cereal that is also low in fat.

Lucky Charms

It may come as a surprise, but Lucky Charms is actually a decent cereal for dieters. A 1-cup serving contains just 120 calories. But be warned, the same sized portion also contains 13g of sugar, which is over half of your recommended daily allowance. So provided that you don't take in a lot of sugar for the remainder of the day, Lucky Charms is a reasonable choice for those who need something sweet in the morning or wish to replace decadent desserts with healthier choices.

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