How to Thicken Rice Pudding

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Rice pudding is a classic dessert made of milk, rice, vanilla, brown sugar and spices that is served in homes, diners and restaurants all over the United States and world.

Though different regions often used different recipes and slightly different ingredients, consistency is often similar -- thick, but not gelatinous or custard-like. While its fairly easy to thicken rice pudding to your desired texture, make sure you don't over-thicken the pudding, as it can be hard to thin the mixture and have all the flavours blend properly with the addition of new ingredients.

Put the rice pudding in a saucepan large enough to hold the entire portion plus at least 2 cups of liquid.

Break two eggs per cup of rice pudding into a small mixing bowl. Whisk the eggs gently for one minute.

Heat the rice pudding over low heat until it begins to simmer gently, about 15 minutes.

Add the eggs to the rice pudding and whisk for two to three minutes.

Allow the rice pudding to continue cooking over low heat for five to 10 minutes, whisking constantly.

Transfer the rice pudding to individual serving bowls or a large bowl and serve.

Combine 1/8 cup cornstarch with 1/8 cup water per cup of rice pudding in a measuring cup and whisk or stir with a tablespoon. The mixture should be thick and the cornstarch should be fully dissolved.

Put the rice pudding in a saucepan large enough to hold the entire quantity over low heat on the stove for 15 minutes or until simmering.

Add 1 tbsp of the cornstarch mixture to the rice pudding and whisk for approximately two minutes.

Continue working in the cornstarch in 1-tbsp increments until the rice pudding has reached your desired thickness.

Remove the rice pudding from heat and serve.