How to Dissolve Corn Flour

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Although your pudding, gravy or sauce may look like a watery and runny kitchen concoction that is beyond repair, you can implement a quick fix for such diluted liquid ingredients. Corn flour or cornflour are thickening agents typically added to cream-based sauces, puddings and gravies that are too thin. The corn flour dissolves in liquid, creating a slurry or paste that can be combined with any number of mixtures to give them a denser consistency. Save time remaking a recipe or enhance the texture of a dish without hindering its flavour by adding dissolved corn flour to liquids.

Pour 1 tbsp corn flour into a bowl per 1 cup of liquid that requires thickening.

Add to the bowl 1 tbsp cold water per 1 tbsp corn flour used.

Whisk the corn flour and water until the corn flour dissolves and a smooth paste, or slurry, forms.

Simmer the hot, thin liquid that you are cooking over low heat, then pour the slurry into the hot liquid and stir the mixture with a spoon for one minute until it thickens.

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