Shabby chic wall colors

Written by lane cummings | 13/05/2017
Shabby chic wall colors
Pastels are a natural choice for shabby chic decor. (platane en pastel image by Marc CECCHETTI from

Shabby chic is an interior decor style that selects furniture pieces deliberately for their slightly worn, old or somewhat damaged appearance to give a room a very artsy, slightly bohemian vibe. Shabby chic is an easy look to create; however, when it comes to wall colour, the style sometimes makes it difficult to determine what types of colour look best with this decor choice. Luckily, a range of paint colours are suitable for the style.

Warm Pastels

Warm pastels are a natural choice for shabby chic rooms as they give the rustic, somewhat weathered, furniture a soft glow. Colours like cream, pastel pink, light chocolate brown or even peach are fitting shades for a room with this decor style to provide the room with a slightly feminine vibe, yet, at the same time, the colours aren't so strong as to overshadow the furniture. Avoid colours like white that can wash out the natural hues of your aged furniture.

Cool Pastels

Cool pastel colours, such as mint green, light blue or even shale grey give a shabby chic room a slightly earthy vibe. These cool colours freshen the room without seeming overwhelming to the eye. Such colours also look attractive with wooden shabby chic furniture as the brown hues of the wood combined with the cool pastels create an extremely natural colour scheme. Use two cool pastel colours in conjunction with each other for a slightly more dynamic look. For example, paint one wall light grey and the other wall soft teal to provide a gentle amount of contrast.


Gold is a rich colour for shabby chic rooms that need a little something extra and that may benefit from a bolder shade in the colour scheme. Gold provides a suitable amount of contrast to the worn or mildly damaged furniture. The gold shade gives the room an inherent amount of sophistication, mixing strongly against the old furniture. Gold also warms the room, giving it a soft but radiant glow. Gold also complements nearly any other colour, so you can mix and match gold walls with almost any kind of furniture, from wooden to upholstered velvet.

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