Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Pink & Lime Green Colors

Updated February 21, 2017

A pink and lime green bedroom truly gives you the best of both worlds. The pink colours keep the room very feminine and the lime green gives it a hip, edgy vibe. Together they make a bright and cheerful pair that creates a striking colour scheme for the entire room.

Electric Shades

Using the most vivid, electric shades of both hot pink and lime green will create a bedroom that bursts with energy. Choose one colour to dominate, such as hot pink linens with lime green trim or vice versa, or use each shade equally in the room. With such extreme colours, you don't need to strike a balance or a harmony between the two. Instead, you want to seek constant contrast. For example, use one of the colours for the window treatments and the other colour for the carpets and rugs. This way, the top of the room is in direct opposition to the lower portion of the room. Paint each wall an alternating colour to set the tone for this vibrant atmosphere.

Jumping Patterns

Pink and lime green are separately such energetic, lively colours that, when paired together, they become positively vivacious. Increase this bubbly quality by using patterns. Big, bold polka dots, sharp stripes, checks or zigzags all serve to animate the room to give it an even more dynamic quality. Just as you mix the colours with abandon, you should also mix the patterns just as freely. For example, select two or more patterns, and use them side by side. Choose a comforter with bold pink and lime green stripes, and pair it with pillowcases covered in pink and green polka dots. The different shapes will liven up the room even more.

Floral Patterns

Using muted shades of pink and lime green sets a foundation in the room that makes it receptive to floral patterns and motifs. Greens and pinks are found all over nature, and using less electric shades of these colours is evocative of certain flowers, from stem to petal. Choose shades of muted lime green and soft pink to use in big blocks of colour around the room. For example, use one of the colours for your comforter and rug, and paint several pieces of furniture in the room, such as a dresser or desk, the other colour. For your accessories, add pink and lime green floral patterns that strongly incorporate the colours. For example, add floral curtains, floral sheets and floral patterned bedspreads.

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