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Updated February 21, 2017

Sharing photographs, drawings, paintings and other types of pictures with friends and family has long been a common and jovial pastime. With the advent of online networking, people can now share their pictures with the rest of the world more easily than ever. As the tourism resource website Starting Out London notes, a plethora of online picture-sharing platforms now exist. While universities and other organisations run some of these platforms, others---such as Flickr and Photobucket---have become independent brands.


Picture sharing, even when carried out through the mail or in person, is a great method for providing permanent representations of memories. For example, sharing photographs of a day at the beach or other occasion with friends who were there will allow them to hang on to the memories of such occasions more strongly. In addition, picture sharing allows you to share particular moments with friends and relatives who live far away, such as sharing a child's first finger-painting project with a grandparent on the other side of the country.


Sharing pictures with geographically distant relatives used to require you to pay for envelopes and postage. In addition, if your pictures were photographs, you had to cover the costs of developing each of the images you wanted to send. Today, online picture-sharing platforms allow you simply to upload digital images directly from digital cameras, storage media or computer hard drives to a home-page or profile, where you can then manage them. Picture management options include organising images into different categories and determining which pictures you will put up for display. As the press release resource website PRLog notes, in addition to uploading images, most picture-sharing platforms also allow you to upload images and to message other members on the network.


The convenience of online picture sharing comes at a low price. In many instances, becoming a member of a picture-sharing network is free. Thus, you'll only need a computer and an Internet connection to get started. If you plan to share paintings, sketches and other non-digital media, however, a scanner may also prove a worthwhile investment, as it will allow you to convert those types of media into uploadable files.

Artist Showcase

According to Starting Out London, an online picture-sharing website provides an ideal place for amateur and up-and-coming artists to showcase their work. Picture sharing allows artists to earn recognition for their abilities without having to set up a gallery or put on a show. The messaging capability of online sharing platforms means that members of the network can make comments about particular photographs or paintings and submit ratings.

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