Fun, Free Baby Shower Games & Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Baby shower games keep the party guests entertained and help them interact with people they may not know. Games also distract the guests from scaring the mother-to-be with their own childbirth horror stories. Too many games can make a party feel too regimented, but too few games cause lulls in the action. Plan for more games than you think you'll need and decide how many to play on the fly.

Baby Bingo

Download and print baby shower-themed bingo cards. Distribute them to the guests with pens for marking their cards. Pull the different words out of a hat until someone wins. If the bingo cards you use list baby gifts and items exclusively, use the actual presents as a basis for marking the bingo cards.

Advice Book

While the shower guests wait for the mother-to-be to arrive, have each person write a piece of child-rearing advice in a notebook. When the guest of honour arrives, have her read the advice aloud, or pass the book around so guests can read their own advice aloud to the group. Present the mother-to-be with the book at the end of the party.

Name the Baby Food

Buy several jars of baby food and remove the labels. Number each jar and write down the type of food in each jar for your own reference. Make guests deduce what's inside each jar by how the baby food looks, smells and tastes. Distribute paper and pens so everyone can write down guesses. The person with the most correct answers wins.

Guess How Many

Fill a baby bottle with jelly beans, or small candies. Count the items as you put them in the bottle. Have each guest guess how many jelly beans or candies are in the bottle. The person with the closet guess wins the candy. Or fill the bottle with diaper pins and give the pins to the mother-to-be and give a different prize to the winner.

Pin the Baby on the Mommy

Print out several small pictures of babies, cut them out and place adhesive tape on each one. Blindfold guests one by one and have them try to stick the baby on the mother-to-be's tummy. If you'd prefer to respect the guest of honor's personal space, print a life-size picture of a pregnant woman, hang it on the wall and have guests aim for that instead.

Decorate Onesies

Give each guest a plain baby onesie or baby T-shirt and fabric markers. Have each guest decorate and sign a onesie or T-shirt for the coming baby, and present the finished items to the mother-to-be at the end of the party.

Special Chair

It's common to rent a large chair for the mother-to-be to sit in while she opens the gifts. Unfortunately, these chairs aren't especially comfortable for pregnant women to sit in for an extended period of time. Instead of hiring a chair, select a comfortable and supportive chair and decorate it with streamers and balloons in traditional baby colours.

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