The best interior paint colours for kitchens

Updated February 21, 2017

Choosing the best colour to paint your kitchen depends on the size of the kitchen, the other colours present in the room and your personal preference. But a few interior paint colours remain favourites for the kitchen. If they fit your needs, these colours are your best choice for interior paint.


White is still the most popular paint colour choice for the kitchen, according to Kitchen Designer Ideas. Plain white walls let the cabinetry, countertops and flooring stand out in your kitchen. This colour also creates a clean look, perfect for a busy kitchen that might seem dingy or dirty if painted other colours. Off-white or cream are good alternatives if white seems too sterile. Pairing white paint with yellow or warmly coloured accessories brings life to the kitchen.

Muted reds

Red is known for it's psychological effects, such as stimulating appetite and energy levels, say the experts at Demesne. Bright reds are too overwhelming for a kitchen, but muted shades like terracotta or cinnamon feel cosy and warm. Red paint works for small kitchens as well as large. Pair red paint with neutral cabinets and countertops made from natural materials.

Light blue

Blue's cooling effect works to balance out a crowded kitchen or to add contrast against warm-toned cabinetry. The House Beautiful website recommends a light blue with a small amount of green, such as a robin's egg shade, or a blue featuring plenty of grey. These colours look gorgeous in a well-lit kitchen and turn the room into a peaceful sanctuary.

Brown and gray

The best wall paint colours for ultra-modern kitchens are various shades of grey and brown. Warm browns and grey complement stainless steel appliances. Take care to avoid these shades if the kitchen contains very dark cabinetry or black countertops. Even light shades of brown and grey can darken a room without adequate light sources.


For a cosy and cheery kitchen yellow is the best paint choice. Yellow walls reflect light and warm cool colours found in other decorations around the room. The Home Decor Resource website recommends adding white cabinets or furniture for an elegant and welcoming style. Bright yellows are visually overwhelming, but muted and lighter shades of yellow look sunny without causing a headache.

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