12-Year-Old Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Updated February 21, 2017

Make invitations for a 12th birthday party that get guests excited about the party theme. Colourful invitations cut into a shape related to the party convey at a glance what the party is all about. The invitations are simple enough for the birthday child to make, which can help take some of the planning burden off the parent.

Pool Party

Hosting a 12th birthday party at a swimming pool is sure to get guests excited. For the invitation, put a few dry sponge fish capsules that expand when wet into a zip-top sandwich bag. Write the party information on a paper shape such as a blue wave or a red or yellow inner tube. Also include instructions to remove the paper and fill the bag with water for a surprise.

Admit One

A birthday party themed around a particular movie or that includes watching a newly released movie at a theatre can have invitations that look like tickets. Cut rectangles out of coloured card stock and cut the short edges with scalloped scissors to make it look as if the tickets were torn off a roll. Write "Admit One" in marker on one side of the ticket and write the party details on the other side. Use creative wording such as "Curtain Call" instead of "Date and Time."

Hollywood Party

Preteen girls love a party that lets them dress up like Hollywood stars and get the celebrity treatment. Make invitations in the shape of sunglasses by folding card stock in half and cutting it into a sunglasses shape, while leaving some of the fold intact to hold the invitation together. Colour in the lenses of the sunglasses with black marker, decorate the frame with rhinestones or glitter and write the party information inside.

Surf Party

Invite guests to a luau or surfing-themed beach party with a surfboard-shaped invitation. Cut a surfboard shape out of card stock or foam board. Decorate with markers, strips of coloured paper or a sheet of paper with a fun Hawaiian print that is cut to the same surfboard shape. Write "Surf's Up" on the decorated side of the invitation and write the party information on the back.

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