How to Write a Birthday Card in Spanish

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Writing a birthday card in Spanish is the perfect way to surprise a Spanish-speaking friend or family member on their birthday. It is important to take into account what the proper vocabulary is for these occasions, choosing amongst different options depending on the formality you want to express in the card.

Knowing certain expressions that are used in Spanish will make your card sound more natural, and learning some basic grammar structures will insure that your card is understood the way you intended it to be.

Address the person formally by using either "Estimado" for a man and "Estimada" for a woman, or use the informal form "Querido" for a man and "Querida" for a woman. For example, to say "Dear Juan," write "Estimado Juan." This expression is best used if Juan is a co-worker or perhaps an aquaintance. Use "Querido Juan" if Juan is a close friend or family member to express more affection.

Tell the person "Happy Birthday!" by writing "¡Feliz cumpleaños!" or "¡Felicidades!" Use some the following phrases to express various things: "¡Espero que lo pases genial!" for "I hope you have a good one!"

Express sarcastic humour by saying things like "¡Vaya, qué viejo eres!" to say "Wow, you are getting old!"; "Eres más viejo, pero te quiero igual." to say "You are getting older, but I still love you."

Sign the card using one of these expressions, followed by your name: "Con cariño" (With affection); Saludos (Regards); Un abrazo (A hug); Besos (Kisses), Cuídate (Take care). For example, your entire card could say:

"Querido Juan,

¡Feliz cumpleaños! Espero que lo pases genial.

Con cariño,