The best paint colors for kitchen with cherry cabinets

Updated November 21, 2016

Cherry cabinets are a favourite choice in kitchens, and you often find them in a new home or in a rental unit. Fortunately, many colour options for paint go with cherry wood. You can make your choice based on the look you are striving to create.

Bold Colors

Bold colours bring out the cherry wood highlights. Royal blue, for instance, makes the cherry cabinets stand out by highlighting their rich tones. Hunter green brings out the red in cherry cabinets. An earthy shade of yellow---such as mustard yellow---complements the warm tones in cherry cabinets. Red is a brazen colour choice that can stand up to cherry cabinets and charge the room with a stimulating energy to create a modern look.

Neutral Colors

Beige may sound boring, but it often brings out the best in cherry, highlighting its warmth. Add small amounts of strong colours to the theme as accents, such as red, yellow, dark brown or blue. You can accent the colour with picture frames, curtains, floor mats or rugs, kitchen appliances and knick-knacks. Other neutral colours to consider are tan, gold, butter and light honey. White is a suitable choice as well. A creamy white is favourable over a bright white, which may appear too stark against cherry wood.


Certain greens, such as celadon or mint green, pair well with cherry cabinets. Aqua, sky blue, smoky blue, lavender or lilac also work with cherry cabinets to create a balanced look. These light, cool colours accentuate the red accents in cherry wood to make them noticeable without overpowering them. The result is an inviting and appealing warm mood.

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