What paint colors match with pink?

Written by leslie rose | 13/05/2017
What paint colors match with pink?
Choose your palette carefully when decorating with pink. (Modern pink sofa on marble to a floor image by terex from Fotolia.com)

Whether you're trying to match your pink walls to your furniture or you're trying to find a wall colour to match your pink bedspread or another decorative combination, an easy way to determine what colours match pink is to look to nature. Colour schemes in nature that include pink often work as colour schemes in other settings.

Sea Shells

Sea shells, often coloured brown and cream on the outside and pink on the inside, make a perfect inspiration for interior decoration. Cream and brown are common colours to pair with pink. The more cream is thrown into the mix, the lighter and airier the colour scheme.


Tropical flowers often feature bright pink or even bold magenta paired with warm colours like dark yellow and light orange. These warm colour combinations, with accents of yellow-green (representing the flowers leaves), can make a serious statement in a room. Incidentally, these summery colours also make a lovely colour scheme for a July wedding.


Light pink paired with fragile shades of grey and grey-purple call to mind gorgeous sunsets as the air cools down and the crickets chirp. Lighter shades of grey break up the pink colour, and grey-purple makes an attractive accent dispersed around the room in splashes of colour, either in the curtains the pillows, or some other area of the furniture or room.

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