Things to do for a girl's 13th birthday party

Updated February 21, 2017

A thirteenth birthday is a girl's first birthday as a teenager, and throwing a party is a good way to commemorate the occasion. Choosing the right activities and decorations can help the new teenager remember this important birthday with fond memories, so consider what options might best suit her tastes.


Bring the birthday girl and her friends to a beauty salon or nail parlour to get their fingernails done. This might be the first time they have ever had manicures, and they will delight in getting to choose different effects and different colours. This taste of adulthood can be perfect for a group of girls in this age range, and it can be followed by lunch at the birthday girl's favourite restaurant.

Trail Ride

For a thirteen-year-old girl who has always loved horses, a trail ride is an excellent way to the party outdoors. There are organisations that cater to girls who already know how to ride and organisations that help girls who have never ridden before. Look for stables that hold trail rides, and finish up the event at an ice cream stand or at a restaurant that serves hearty country food.

Colour-Themed Party

Design the entire party around the thirteen-year-old's favourite colour. If she is fond of red, choose red velvet cake, send out red invitations, and decorate the room in red streamers. If she prefers purple, look for chocolate cake covered in rich purple icing, and purchase purple plastic plates and utensils. Ask all the guests to dress in the colour of the theme, and hand out prizes for the guests who wear the most of the colour in question.

Scavenger Hunt

Send the girls on a scavenger hunt throughout the neighbourhood. They can be divided into teams or paired off to do so, and the first pair or team to finish their list will receive a prize. If enough girls have cell phones capable of taking pictures, you can also send them on a photograph scavenger hunt. Instead of bringing back objects, they need to bring back pictures of different things. Some ideas include a pictures of someone standing on their head, a weeping willow tree or three people hugging.

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