50th Birthday Party Ideas for a Woman

Updated April 17, 2017

A woman's 50th birthday party is a special day. She deserves to have a party in her honour for raising a family, building a career or being a supportive spouse over the years. There are many 50th birthday party ideas for a woman, including nostalgia, "This is Your Life," trivia-themed or even a black and white party, where everyone dresses one way and the birthday girl dresses exactly opposite.

Nostalgia Party

For a nostalgia party, everyone dresses as they did in high school. Invite a bunch of friends who went to high school with the woman being honoured. Print invitations showing the year she graduated and photos of things that were popular that year. Decorate your walls with yearbook pictures and include plenty of "Happy 50th Birthday" balloons and banners. Plan to play music that was popular during that particular era.

"This is Your Life" Party

A "This is Your Life" party, patterned after the old television program, can be a lot of fun. Invite friends, family and other relatives, then surprise the birthday celebrant as she enters the room. You should invite some guests from the birthday celebrant's past, such as old friends who moved away, coaches or even teachers. Allow the special guests to say something about the birthday girl, then see if she remembers who it is. The two can then be reunited for a chat about old times. Consider renting out a hall if you have many guests. Include plenty of old photos of the person celebrating her birthday.

Trivia-Themed Party

Another birthday idea for the lady in your life is to throw a trivia-themed party. There are a couple of ways to approach this party. You can either have a trivia quiz based on the birthday celebrant's life, or one that covers the decade in which she graduated. For the former idea, put up posters with various questions about the person, like when she met her spouse, or what her favourite hobby was in high school. If you base your trivia on the decade in which she graduated, include questions about top television shows, music and politicians during that period. Have the women play against the men. Provide the winners with a small gift.

Black and White Party

Another unique birthday idea for a woman's 50th birthday is a black and white party. Have the guests dress all in black, while the birthday girl wears all white, according to the article "50th Surprise Birthday Party Ideas." The black on the guests can symbolise mourning for their friend's older age, while the guest looks young and pretty clad in white. The most important part of the party is to relax, have fun and enjoy lots of laughs with old friends and family.

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