How to Type a Heartagram

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The computer keyboard allows users to type letters, numbers and some symbols. There are many more characters that are possible to type than you can find printed on the keyboard. For example, all of the playing card suits are available on the keyboard, as well as a large number of other graphical characters, such as lines, bars and patterns. Many of these characters are available through typing an "Alt-code," which is a combination of the "Alt" key and another character. One of the card suit characters that users can type is the heart shape, or heartagram character. This is useful when representing a playing card suit in text, or when sending an "I love you" message to someone.

Launch a word processor application by double-clicking on the icon of the application.

Move the cursor to the place on the word processor page where you want to type the heart character.

Hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard.

Press the "3" key at the top of your keyboard, while holding down the "Alt" key, to type the heart character.

Press the "3" key as many times as you want to type the heart character.

Release the "Alt" key when you are done typing heart characters.

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