Christian Games for Nintendo DS

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The current market for Christian games for a Nintendo DS is slim. Many Christian games have been created for the Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Game Boy Advance systems, which according to Nintendo, can be played on a Nintendo DS system--as long as it is utilised in single-player mode.

Veggie Tales: Larry Boy Bad Apple

Veggie Tales is a popular book and television series with vegetables as the main characters. The animated vegetables tell a story that coincides with Christian faith and is considered to be appropriate for even the youngest of children. It was designed as a Game Boy Advance game, which is compatible with Game Boys and Nintendo DS. The purpose of the game is to inspire young children to be the ultimate hero by saving the citizens of Bumblyburg with the protagonist Larry Boy. Game players have access to superhero gadgets and linear worlds, while learning a faith-based lesson in the power of fighting temptation.

The Bible Game

The Bible Game, by Crave Entertainment, offers young Nintendo gamers a slightly different version of the traditional video game. This version prompts the user with a question and answer format about both books of the Bible. By answering the questions properly, the player can advance to multiple levels of play. The game also provides opportunity for action challenges. It is touted as a fun, yet educational tool for faith-based families. This interactive role-playing game allows the user to choose from a variety of avatars before beginning play. The Bible Game is available on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance format, and is compatible with the Nintendo DS.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis captivated audiences of all beliefs when he created the Chronicles of Narnia series, which symbolically represents the death and resurrection of Christ. His books have been transferred to numerous mediums, including film and video games. The Chronicles of Narnia video game, platformed on the Game Boy Advance, but compatible with the Nintendo DS, is a team-based action adventure game that allows the user to control all four characters in battles against various enemies. The game features special moves, intense puzzles and advance weaponry for those defending the land of Narnia.

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