Easy Acrostic Puzzles for Kids

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Acrostics are special types of puzzles where players have to follow clues to find letters before transferring them to the grid. Solving an acrostic puzzle depends both on knowledge -- in order to discover words by their definition -- and wittiness, so that you can come up with letters in otherwise unknown words. Despite acrostics' general difficulty, you can find simplified versions of the game online, suitable for younger players.


"Anticrostics" on the Krazydad website are a series of acrostic puzzles specifically targeted to younger players. They offer simple questions, such as a five-letter synonym of "happen" or the capital of Burkina Faso. Players have to find the corresponding words first and then use the numbers under each letter to move letters to the grid. When the grid is complete, an infamous quote will appear, along with the name of the speaker and the context of the quote.

Super Teacher Worksheets

The website Super Teacher Worksheets offers four simple acrostic puzzles, all of which are composed of four words of four letters. The puzzles are simple enough even for early elementary schoolchildren, with questions such as "past tense of ride," and "original thought." Players can use the letters of the first word to come up with the initial letter of the other words. Super Teacher Worksheets also provides the answers to the questions, helping children evaluate their work.

Auspac Media

Acrostic puzzles at the website Auspac Media feature a slightly different format, as instead of words operating as clues, kids now have to use drawings. For example, on the "Grocery Puzzle," children have to use a picture of a carton of eggs to fill in a four-letter word. The website offers acrostic puzzles in a variety of themes, such as rainy day, outer space and underwater. The answers to the puzzle are listed at the bottom of each page, so parents or teachers must cut them off before handing the acrostics to kids.

Printable Puzzles

The website Printable Puzzles offers a number of easy, medium and hard acrostic puzzles. The easy and medium acrostics feature simple questions, suitable for children, such as "camel features," "Hopkins or Quinn" and "Drakula's resting place." As with "Anticrostics," when you have moved all letters to the grid, a famous quote appears. All acrostic puzzles from this website are in PDF format and are available only for download -- you can't open them on your browser.

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