Light blue & pale lavender color ideas for the bedroom

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether your bedroom is already painted in light blue and pale lavender tones and you're just looking to match your decor, or if you have the decor and want the bedroom to match, blues and lavenders can work well together to create a soothing bedroom environment. If the bedroom becomes too pale with these colours, you can always add splashes of darker blue or purple with pillows and bedding.

Lavender Theme

Make lavender your primary colour and the theme for the room's decor by painting all of your walls--and even the ceiling, if you like--in the same lavender shade. Hang floating glass shelves on the walls to keep the open, airy feel, then add light blue sheer curtains on the windows. Place glass vases with sprigs of lavender plants, fresh or dried, on the shelves and tie a matching blue ribbon around the neck of each vase. The lavender plants add a soothing scent to the room, which suits the decor and helps you relax for sleep. If you want to add more blue, add it through bedding and painted furniture, but keep the walls lavender. Paint any trim bright white or a soft grey.

Modern Neutrals

Create a modern look with a neutral earth tone on two of your room's connecting walls--something in the khaki range works best--then paint one remaining wall pale lavender and the other pale blue. The neutral tone on connecting walls creates a great corner for your bed, which should have accents of the blue and lavender in the bedding. Choose light coloured wood or bamboo flooring and white furniture to complete this look. Natural fibres work well in rugs and curtains, and natural-coloured lamp shades with light blue or lavender bases can complete the look of your bedroom.

Choosing Blues

Paint comes in a wide variety of light blue shades. Pick one on the paler end of the turquoise or aquamarine range. These shades have a bit of yellow in them for warmth, making them good for rooms without a lot of natural light and helping balance the pale lavender. Try painting three walls of your room in pale turquoise, then use soft lavender for the wall where the head of your bed will rest. Hang a painting or photo that has a similar shade of blue on the lavender wall to tie the room together, then use lavender sheers combined with thicker medium blue or grey curtains on the windows. Use silvery or pewter greys for the rest of your room's decor, including carpet and bedding. Any shade of wood furniture will work with this combination.

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