Party Games for Adult Ladies

Party games are an effective way to break the ice at parties, entertain guests and foster a sense of healthy competition. Parties geared toward adult women may feature a variety of games including drinking games, truth or dare games, games with a more complex theme such as a murder mystery or suggestive games played at bridal showers or hen parties.

Bag on My Head

"Bag on my head" is an ice-breaking game in which the hostess distributes one brown paper bag to each guest. Once guests receive the bag, speaking is no longer allowed. The hostess instructs each guest to place the bag on her head and leave it on until she instructs her to take it off. The hostess then instructs the guests to "take off something you don't need." Many guests will begin taking off jewellery or a sweater; however, they are really supposed to take the bag off. The last person to realise that she can remove the bag wins the prize.

Who's the Murderer?

In a twist on the classic murder-mystery party game, "Who's the murderer?" is a fast-paced party game that is best played with six or more people. Start with a deck of cards; count out only as many cards as there are guests. Designate a specific card, such as the ace of hearts, to be the murder card; designate another card, such as the 10 of clubs, to be the detective card. The remaining cards should be numbered cards ranging from 2 to 9. Deal the cards to all of the guests and have each person look at her card. The detective must flip her card over so that everyone is aware of the detective's identity. The murderer must attempt to wink at people without being noticed by the detective. Once a guest is winked at, she has been "killed" and must turn over her card, fake her death and die. The detective receives three tries to correctly identify the murderer. If the murderer goes undetected, she flips over her card to identify herself. The cards can then be reshuffled for another round.

Condom Queen

The "condom queen" game is a hen party game in which all guests are divided into teams, preferably with at least three players on each team. Prior to beginning the game, the hostess should unwrap packaged condoms and place the condoms on the tip of a banana. There should be as many condom and banana combos as there are teams. All players should sit in a circle and the hostess should hand each team a banana with the unrolled condom on the tip. Place hand lotion into each player's hand. When the hostess indicates that the game begins, the first player is required to unroll the condom on the banana and roll it up again and pass it to the next player. Once the last team member finishes, hold up the banana in the air while the team declares "We are the condom queens." Each person on the winning team receives a prize.

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