Islamic Games for Muslim Kids

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Islam is one of the most popular religions in the world. Teaching your children Islamic principles and ideals by playing games can help them to understand the tenets more completely. It can also help them to remember things more easily than just reading from a book. There are several websites, board games and card games about Islam that you can play as a family that are both entertaining and educational.

Online Games

Several websites offer online interactive Islamic games for Muslim kids. The IslamicKids site (see Resources section), for instance, offers online games for both Muslim teens and kids. Some of the games on the website include quests, mazes, crossword puzzles and word searches. The website offers online games like jigsaw puzzles, prophets in Islam word search and slide puzzles. Kids can also play games on This site features puzzles and a "Save the Flower" game.

Board Games

There are several Islamic board games that incorporate the teachings of Islam and the Koran. These games include Madinah Salat Fun Game, Junior Koran Challenge Game, Great Mosque Game and Hajj Fun Game. These games are not only suitable for kids, but also for teens and adults.

Party Games

Islamic party games can be played during children's parties. Muslim charades can be played by two teams competing with each other. One team draws a picture of a story from the Koran while the other team tries to guess the picture; the team that guesses correctly scores a point. They can also play an Islamic battle of the minds. In this game, two or more teams can participate. Each team chooses a leader. A facilitator asks questions about Islam and the Koran and each team discusses the answer among themselves. After a couple of minutes, all teams should give their answers. The team who answers the most questions correctly wins the game.

Memory Game

The memory game can be played by individuals or by teams. Place 50 to 100 matching pairs of pictures of stories from the Koran face down on a table. Have the kids turn over a picture and try to find the matching picture. Two or more individuals can compete in this game. The team or individual that gets the most matching pairs wins the game.

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