What Color Coordinates Well With Tiffany Blue?

Updated February 21, 2017

The alluring and tantalising colour of Tiffany blue was once just a thought in the mind of Mr. Charles Tiffany. Now, it is one of the most sought after colours for weddings, baby showers and interior design. The Pantone 1837 blue colour, also known as "Tiffany blue," can coordinate with several other colours, despite its bold appearance.


Pantone 1837 blue and white are the popular match found in Tiffany jewellery stores worldwide. The classic Tiffany blue and white combination oozes with class and elegance. The great paring may be because white allows for the blue to shine and take the spotlight. In addition, the white glows next to the brilliant hue of the Tiffany blue, so both colours are vibrant yet harmonious. Apply this colour pairing on an interior design motif or use it as a scheme for an elegant baby shower.

Chocolate Brown

Tiffany blue and chocolate brown are a decadent pair of coordinating colours. This colour coordination is one of the most popular colour parings for weddings, bridal showers and interior design colour schemes. Dark, deep and rich browns ground the Tiffany blue give the overall design a rustic elegance.


Red and Tiffany Blue make a bold and surprising colour match. This coordination option provides a complementary colour pallet that truly creates a delightful balance between the bold and warm red and the cold and soothing blue. It is a popular option for contemporary weddings and homes. Look for a small print containing white and red and pair it with Tiffany blue for a truly unique look.


You can also pair Tiffany blue with a number of prints and patterns. Look for prints with coordinating colours such as white and red, Tiffany blue and beige, pink and white or beige, browns with beige or white or even a bold Leopard print. Prints allow more wiggle room for playful Tiffany blue colour combinations.

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