Punk Rock Haircuts for Girls

Written by b. maté
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Punk Rock Haircuts for Girls
Punk haircuts take root in contemporary hairstyles. (The girl with a beautiful hairdress image by Hunta from Fotolia.com)

Punk rock is an anti-establishment music movement that was born in the 1970s and blossomed in the 1980s. Though popular music, even anti-establishment music, has changed since the '80s, punk has still left an indelible impression on fashion, accessories and hair. Getting a punk haircut is just the foundation, as stylists also use hair products, hair colours and styling to achieving the maximum level of punk in a look.


One of the most famous haircuts tied to 1970s punk culture is the Mmohawk. Back then the style was worn predominately by men, but these days girls have the bravado to pull off the haircut. It is sometimes considered the most drastic of the punk haircuts, with the sides of the head clean-shaven leaving only a strip hair (long or short) running down the middle of the head. A girl can use her discretion when deciding what do with the remaining hair. Typically the hair is coloured, then teased or spiked so that it stands on the head.


Those who deign to wear the severe mohawk might choose a faux-hawk to achieve an edgy look. The faux-hawk is a neoclassic punk hair cut that combines the mohawk and the pixie. In this style the sides of the head are cut low but not clean shaven, and sometimes they are slicked down to mimic the mohawk look. Though there is still a substantial amount of hair on the top of the head, it usually is the length of a pixie haircut and can be teased or gelled if a girl wishes to accentuate the look. Common accoutrements to the faux-hawk are chunky highlights or blocks of coloured hair extensions where the hair is longer.

Asymmetrical Pixie

The pixie haircut catapulted into the fashion scene in the 1960s, made famous British supermodel Twiggy. Currently punk takes the once mod style a step further, chopping it up for more of a street-edge look. The classic pixie is a short haircut, where the sides and back of the hair are tapered shorter, leaving more length on the top. Today's punk adaptation of the pixie is asymmetrical with heavily layered fringe falling on a diagonal. Like the faux-hawk, hair designers normally choose to accentuate the pixie with blocks of hair colour. Also, a flat iron and hair products can make this cut more angular.

Revamped Bob

In the spirit of taking older cuts and making them new again, the 1920s bob resurfaces in punk fashion chopped, dishevelled and asymmetrical. The classic bob is when the hair is cut to one length at the chin, and the fringe are cut to frame the eyebrow line. The most drastic of the bobs is the buzz cut, which shaves down the back of the head, leaving a "bowl" hair shape on top. This bob cut is prevalent in punk styles, as is the asymmetric bob, where the hair is longer on one side. Wearers can choose to use dye the back of the hair or under the fringe to achieve a peek-a-boo effect.

The Shag

Punk hair adopts the1960s shag and makes the cut its own by incorporating colour and sticky hair product. Stylists achieve the shag by cutting the hair in an unsystematic fashion from the crown of the head, allowing for more volume at the top of the head, and less as it tapers towards the shoulders. This style is very versatile in punk hairstyling, allowing the wearer a lot of creativity in colour and styling. A girl can decide to dye her fringe a bright colour leaving the rest darker or natural, or she could use product to ensure it stays in one dishevelled style all day.

One Side Shaved

Long hair shaven on one side is a recent trend that is turning punk and fashion heads. Very unconventional, the haircut can almost look as if the wearer rebelliously took a pair of electric hair clippers to one side of her head. Sometimes the low side of the hair is brightly coloured, so that it can make an impression when the wearer flips her hair to one side. Zigzag or linear designs can also be cut into the shaven side of the head to further accentuate the punk look.

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