Games & Activities for Kids 12-13 Years Old

Updated April 17, 2017

Kids aged 12 and 13 are in the preteen and early teen stage where some of the games they played as younger children are a bit too immature yet they are still a bit young for many teenage activities. Finding appropriate ways to keep this transitional age group entertained is important for parties as well as everyday get togethers with friends.

Question Ball

Take a beach ball and have kids write questions on it. Or write all the questions yourself. These can be serious, funny or a mixture of both. These questions should be fairly general and spark conversation. Everyone sits in a circle and one person starts by tossing the ball to another person. That person catches it. They must then read the question written under their right thumb and answer. They toss the ball to someone else and play continues. This one will get kids talking and laughing as they learn new things about one another.

Scavenger Hunt

Have a scavenger hunt. Consider a scavenger hunt with a twist such as a photo scavenger hunt where you have to take photos of items or a video scavenger hunt where each team must videotape the things, situations and scenarios listed on the paper. Choose whatever is most appropriate and feasible with your group of youngsters.


Get out Twister and let the kids get silly with some good twisting fun. The rules are simple; just put your designated body part on the correct colour as it is spun and don't fall down in the process. See who comes out the Twister champion and then play again to give someone else a chance.

Dance Party

Kids of all ages love to dance. Clear a space where the kids can turn on their favourite kind of music and dance away. If you don't have a radio close by set up an iPod with speakers attached to a docking station. Or even turn on the television and look for some music videos. Another option is to bring out a karaoke machine and let kids take turns belting out their favourites while the others laugh and dance along.

Manicures and Pedicures

Girls love getting pampered. Bring out the nail polish, clippers and toe spacers so your tweens and teens can take turns giving one another manicures and pedicures.

Wii Sports Tournament

If you have a Wii video game unit then start a sports tournament. The sports games are user friendly so even someone who has never played before can get the hang of things and stand a fighting chance. See who can knock down the most pins in Wii bowling, take a couple swings in the baseball game, swing your racket in tennis, vie for longest drive in golf or challenge the others to a whole different sport and trade off for playing the winner.

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