Wording ideas for certificates of achievement

Updated March 23, 2017

What you write in a certificate of achievement matters to the person receiving the certificate. It symbolises an important milestone or a successful completion of a project, task, goal or grade. Write a clear statement detailing the reason for the award before the presentation, and let the person receiving the certificate know why he is special.


Certificates of achievement recognise the completion of a goal. For students, it might be the passing from one grade to another, or the completion of college. Include phrases such as "awarded for her successful completion of", "for outstanding achievement in", "in recognition of his exceptional performance" or "for outstanding vision, dedication & commitment" in the certificate.


Employers recognise long years of company service and the reaching of financial quotas. Certificates of achievement should detail the accomplishment. Some common wording includes phrases such as "for exceeding £97,500 quarterly sales at Company during time period", "presented for your dedication and loyalty" or

"for her dedicated service and commitment to our firm".


Certificates of achievement also are issued for sports, safety, and appreciation. For coaches certificates, use "in recognition of your exceptional leadership and devoted service to" while for players use "in recognition of the exceptional performance to our team". For safety teams, try "in appreciation of 100 days injury free". For appreciation of a job well done, choose "for your generous commitment of time, support & inspiration above the call of duty".

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