How to write a request letter for school records

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Parents often request their children's school records for a number of different reasons, such as when a parent suspects a problem at school or when a student is transferring to a new school. In order to obtain school records, most schools require parents to write a request letter asking the school to release the student's records. When writing such a letter, it is important to include certain information such as the student's name, date of birth and your contact information.

Address the letter. At the top of the letter, date it and write in the school's name. Include the school's contact information and the name of the person who will fulfil this request, typically the guidance counsellor. Begin the letter by writing "Dear" followed by the person's name.

Write a subject line. When requesting school records, write "Re:" followed by the child's name and birth date. This allows the reader to know immediately who the letter pertains to.

State your request. In the body of the letter, state that you are requesting a copy of the child's school records. If there are only certain documents you need, state which documents you require. Be clear and detailed when asking for particular documents. If you need all of the records, be clear with this in the request.

Offer a reason. If there is a specific reason that you do not mind disclosing, you can include it in this request letter.

Ask to be present when the copies are made. If you only need certain documents, or to avoid receiving a lot of unnecessary copies, ask if you can be present when the school is making the copies. This will allow you to go through the file, page by page, requesting only the specific copies you need. If you do not need to be present during the copying, ask the school to contact you when the documents are ready.

Thank the school. Close the letter by thanking the school for taking time to complete this request. Add your contact information. Sign your name after writing "Sincerely."

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