How to word a PhD graduation announcement

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Graduating with a Ph.D., the highest academic degree that can be earned, is an accomplishment worthy of a celebration. Let family and friends know about this notable achievement by sending out graduation announcements before the event.

These announcements do not serve as invitations to the ceremony or graduation party; they simply notify recipients of the student's achievement. Long-distance family members, professors and long-time friends will appreciate this announcement, so be sure to word it correctly.

Identify the person or school making the announcement on the first line. You, your parents or guardians or your educational institution can announce the completion of your Ph.D. degree. For example, your announcement can say, "Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jenkins proudly announce..." or "The University of Manchester announces..."

List your name after the formal announcement. For example, your announcement can say, "Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jenkins proudly announce the graduation of their son, Charles Thomas" or "The University of Manchester the graduation of Charles Thomas Jenkins."

Include the degree conferred -- in this case, doctor of philosophy -- and the field. Depending on the wording you choose, you can continue the first sentence or begin a new sentence here. For example, you can say, "Charles will earn a doctor of philosophy in biomedical engineering" or you can continue the first sentence by saying, "...with a doctor of philosophy in biomedical engineering."

List the school name if the announcement comes from your parents -- for example, "from the University of Manchester." If you identify the school on the first line of your announcement, you can omit this information here.

Provide the commencement information. Even though your recipients may not attend the ceremony, they will want to know when this significant moment takes place. Give as much information about the ceremony as you would like, but the location of the ceremony, date and time are traditional items to include---for example, "Commencement will take place on Saturday, 11th of December, 2014, at Whitworth Hall, Oxford Road, Manchester."