Easy German Crafts

Updated February 21, 2017

Maybe you are looking for a creative and hands-on way to teach children about the country of Germany, or you are of German descent and want to celebrate your heritage. Get in touch with German culture by making crafts that have a German theme. Such crafts can be used to showcase the rich heritage and traditions of the German culture.


A Schultüte, or a school cone, is a gift given to children on their first day of school to calm any anxiety they may have about starting school and to celebrate the special day. It is a cardboard or paper cone that holds chocolates, toys and school supplies. This is an easy craft that is made from card stock and tissue paper. Choose a colour of cardstock, cut it into a quarter of a circle. Use markers, crayons, stickers, sequins and any other craft material you would like to decorate one side of the paper. Roll the cardstock into a cone shape. Use glue or tape to secure the cone. Select a colour of tissue paper and wrap it around the opening of the cone, using a stapler to affix it to the cone. Fill the Schultüte with candies. Once the cone is filled, seal it by gathering the tissue paper and tie it with a piece of ribbon.

German Flag

Use tissue paper to create a German flag. Use a ruler and a pen to create three equal horizontal sections on a piece of construction paper. Gather a collection of black, red and yellow tissue paper. Tear the pieces of tissue paper and roll each piece that you have torn into a ball. Line each section on the construction paper with glue and fill each section with the torn pieces of tissue paper--the top section should be filled with the black paper, the middle section with the red paper and the bottom section with the yellow paper. This flag can be used as a decoration to show pride in your German heritage or can be displayed in a classroom when teaching about Germany.

Wolf Paper Bag Puppet

Many of the popular children's fairy tales originated in Germany; one is the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Create a Big Bad Wolf puppet from a paper bag to use as a visual aid when telling the story. Lay a brown paper lunch bag flat on a table with the bottom tab facing up. Use a grey crayon to colour the paper bag. Glue a pair of large googly eyes onto the tab. From grey construction paper, cut two medium-sized and one large triangle. Glue the two medium-sized triangles to the top of the paper bag, creating ears for the wolf. Cut small triangles from white paper and line them down the sides of the large grey triangle, making teeth for the wolf. Colour the tip of the large grey triangle black, creating the wolf's nose. Glue the nose onto the flap of the paper bag, just under the googly eyes. Wear the puppet on your hand when telling the story to help bring it to life.

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