Space Party Game Ideas

Updated April 17, 2017

A space-themed party is suitable for kids who love reading about aliens and outer space as well as adults who enjoy science fiction or astronomy. Make your space-themed party complete with games that will take your intergalactic explorers to the moon and back. Whether you're an alien or an astronaut, you're sure to have a stellar time with these imaginative and entertaining party games.

Flying Saucer Toss

Let guests toss UFOs and see whose can fly the farthest. Make the UFOs by gluing or taping two foam plates together so they face each other. Set up a table of decorative craft items such as markers, coloured glue and glitter so guests can embellish their UFOs.

Asteroid Belt

Essentially this is a game of "keep it up." The object is to keep the balloons up so they don't touch the ground. Have everyone form a circle and give one person a balloon. That person must hit the balloon into the air and call out someone's name. The named person must get to the balloon, hit it up before it touches the ground and call out someone else's name. If someone doesn't get to the balloon in time and it hits the ground, that person is out of the game.

Pin The Spaceship On The Sun

This is a variation of "pin the tail on the donkey." Make a poster-sized universe with all the planets out of construction paper or card stock. Make several small spaceships out of construction paper and put double-sided tape on the back of each. Have guests try to stick the spaceship on the sun (or choose a specific planet) while blindfolded. The person who gets the closest wins.

Rocket Launch

Have a rocket launch competition. Find kid-friendly rocket launchers and write each child's (or adult's) name on a rocket. Give each person a chance to launch their rocket. The person whose rocket goes the farthest wins.

Space Exploration Scavenger Hunt

Arrange a scavenger hunt around a space theme. Create a list of items such as spaceship parts (aluminium foil, paper clips, blinking lights or Christmas lights), asteroids (rocks) and figures of aliens or sci-fi characters. Have players search in and around the house or party location.

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