Colours that match with cream

Updated March 23, 2017

When it comes to cream, the pale hue is certainly one of the more versatile shades homeowners can work with and easily complement. In addition to the soothing qualities of this neutral colour, cream reflects light and can create the illusion of a bigger space. Pairing this shade with the right colours is key to a space that looks well put together.

Warm red-orange

The popular interior design blog Apartment Therapy highlights how cream compliments red, orange and red-orange. Shades that belong to the red-orange colour family—anything from solid reds to tangerine—pair well with cream. Renowned Manhattan interior designer Amanda Nisbet of Amanda Nisbet Design explains how her cream-coloured walls work well with her curtains in pumpkin orange. Nisbet describes how the colour combination dazzles, especially at night when the blinds are drawn. It creates a warm feeling, which in her opinion, makes the room a success.

White or off-white accents

A white-on-cream colour scheme works both indoors and outdoors. Sabrena Schweyer of Fine Gardening magazine suggests accenting a cream-coloured home with white or off-white ornamental plants as opposed to dark-coloured flora that can deter a spectator’s focus on the house.

In addition, neutral tones are easier to deal with since you no don’t have to worry if it will suit the colour scheme of the rooms in the house. The theme can also be repeated throughout your garden by placing white or cream-coloured flowers such as tulips, daisies and lilies.

Nisbet uses the same colour scheme in her own master bedroom. Her walls are painted with a deep shade of cream, while additional touches of white and off-white—a white Berber rug and an ivory mohair headboard—accent the space.

Lavender, fuchsia and purple

For the garden, Schweyer also mentions how creamy whites and yellows can create a dramatic effect when paired with contrasting colours. Take note that the direct opposite of yellow on the colour wheel is purple. Applying cream-coloured flowers such as garden roses and lilies to a mix of lavender and purple ornamental plants such as velvets, wandering Jews and fountain grass, add an interesting edge to your landscape.

Indoors, Nisbet arranges a fuchsia Louis XV chair and a jewel-toned painting in a bedroom with cream-coloured walls—proving that the same principle holds true when it comes to interior design.

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