Things to Make With Paper Plates

Updated February 21, 2017

Plain paper plates can provide endless creative possibilities, especially through a child's eyes. Paper plates can be transformed into a mask or a cloud with just a few snips and drops of glue. Pull out a package of paper plates on a day when there's not much to do and let your kids' imaginations do the rest.


Create clouds on a white paper plate by gluing cotton balls all over the inside of it. Make your rainbow by attaching long, different coloured crepe party streamers to the edges of the plate, using a stapler or tape to finish your cloud and rainbow project.

Paper Plate Fish

Cut a triangle shape out of one side of a paper plate. Glue the triangle to the other side of the plate, and now your fish has a mouth and tail. Glue a google eye on your fish and decorate it how you like. Colour your fish and add scales or glitter to make it a fancy tropical fish, or use markers or paint to make it an orange goldfish.

Animal Mask

Make a mask to look like your favourite animal. Place a paper plate over your face and mark with a pencil where your eyes will be. Remove the plate from your face and cut out the eyes. Decorate the mask however you like, for example gluing on construction paper ears and whiskers for a cat or a mane for a lion. Staple a piece of elastic to the back of the mask, with each end of the elastic on opposite sides of the mask, and slip the mask over your head for some animal fun.


Turn your paper plate over so the bottom is up. Colour the plate as you wish with markers, crayons or paints. Use a hole punch to create 8 holes around the edge of your plate. Insert pipe cleaners into the holes and twist them to look like the crab's legs. Cut 8 straws into 3 segments and thread those on the pipe cleaner legs to look more realistic. Punch two more holes in the top of the plate and stick pipe cleaners through them for the crab's antenna.

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