How do I Make a Model Waterfall for Kids?

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If your child needs a science, art or craft project for school, you can help her create her own model waterfall. Making a model waterfall can be a creative, fun experience for your child that allows her to use her imagination and learn about real waterfalls. Use a combination of recycled objects and basic crafting materials to help your child make a model waterfall.

Mix together equal parts of white glue and warm water in a large bowl.

Lay the cardboard sheet on a flat surface. Crunch up some paper towels into a ball and place them near the top of the cardboard.

Tear the newspaper into several large strips. Soak the strips in the glue mixture and wrap the pieces around the chunk of paper towels. Wrap about four layers, then let the glue dry until the surface is tacky but not slimy.

Continue layering the glue-soaked newspaper, shaping it into a mountain-like structure with a dip in the top centre. As you build the layers, crunch the newspaper slightly to give the mountain a rocky appearance.

Add pieces of glue-soaked newspaper to the piece of cardboard, creating a circular shape that reaches from the bottom of the mountain and outward to emulate a lake. Once finished, let the glue dry completely.

Paint the outside of the newspaper and the exposed cardboard with brown acrylic paint. Let the paint dry.

Tear a long strip of blue cling film and crinkle it. Squeeze some glue into the dip at the top of the mountain and crunch one end of the cling film in the top. Let the cling film hang down until it touches the bottom of the "lake."

Brush glue all over the bottom of the "lake." Crinkle some blue cling film into the lake bed to emulate water.

Tear a piece of clear cling film and crinkle it. Glue it over the top of the blue cling film to give the water a slicker look. Crinkle and glue clear cling film over the lake.

Tear apart some cotton balls and glue the pieces around the bottom of the waterfall to give it the appearance of frothing water. Glue a few thin pieces of fluffed cotton to the hanging cling film as well.

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