Creative Worm Costume Ideas

apple & worm image by Roslen Mack from

Whether you're choosing a costume for Halloween or for a theme party at any time of year, you want your costume to stand out from the rest. One way to do so is to choose a costume that most others wouldn't think of. Instead of dressing as a cute and cuddly animal, opt to dress as a worm.

Numerous types of worm costumes are available to purchase or create on your own.

Glow Worm

Wrap brown or green cloth around your body, starting at your ankles and ending at your chest or neck. Hold the cloth in place by attaching it with safety pins to the brown or green clothing that you wear underneath. Wrap the cloth tight enough around your body to look like a worm, but loose enough for you to walk or sit comfortably. Leave space for your arms to hang freely from the cloth. Spray paint the cloth with glow-in-the-dark spray and allow it to dry. Add other glow-in-the-dark accessories as you wish, such as jewellery, hair ties or face paint.

Earth Worm

Follow the directions in section 1 for creating a worm costume by wrapping brown cloth around your body, starting at your feet and ending at your chest or neck. Hold fabric in place by attaching safety pins to brown clothing that you wear underneath. Then, attach real or fake leaves and flowers, which can be found at a craft store, all over the cloth using safety pins, glue or tape. Get creative. For a finishing touch, rub brown or black paint on your arms, legs and face to resemble dirt---or use real dirt, if you prefer. Make your hair messy, and attach twigs and leaves to your hair with bobby pins.

Apple Worm

Purchase an apple costume, or create one yourself with stiff red cloth, such as felt or flannel. Cut the red cloth into an apple shape and sew the two sides together, leaving holes for your head, legs and left arm. Cut a hole in the front of the apple as well, on the right side. For the worm element of this costume, wear a brown knee sock on your right arm. Glue fake eyes to the sock, stick your arm through the hole in the apple, and move it around to resemble a worm.

Book Worm

Purchase a worm costume, or create one yourself with cardboard or brown or green cloth. Wrap the cardboard or cloth around your body to resemble the smooth body of a worm. Wear a pair of fake glasses with a thick brown or black rim to make them very obvious to onlookers. In one hand, hold a book, or have lightweight books hanging from your costume by strings. For a more creative take, purchase two large blocks of foam and scribble lines of text on the foam to resemble pages in a book. Attach one foam block to each side of your body with glue or string, so that it looks like a worm is in the middle of two pages from a book.

Can of Worms

Find an old trash can or purchase a new one. A 30-gallon trash can should work for most people, depending on their size. Cut out the bottom of the can and put the can around your body. Use brown cloth to cover the top of the can, making a hole for your head, and attach the cloth to the sides of the top of the can. Purchase numerous pairs of nylons and stuff the nylons with cotton balls, socks or wads of cloth. Make the "worms" all different lengths and sizes. Sew, pin or glue them to the brown cloth and have them hang over the sides of the can. To make the nylons look more like worms, attach fake eyes to each one.