Bodybuilding Breakfast Ideas

Updated March 23, 2017

According to bodybuilder and personal trainer Matt Danielsson, you need approximately 25 to 40 per cent protein, 50 to 65 per cent carbs and 10 per cent fat in your breakfast. Fibre is also important, since it aids in proper digestion. These proportions mean bodybuilders must think carefully about their breakfast choices, rather than simply grabbing a doughnut and heading to the gym. The wrong breakfast foods can cause blood sugar crashes and loss of energy during a workout.


Because oatmeal contains complex carbohydrates, it makes an ideal breakfast for a bodybuilder, because it provides sustained energy. Since it is low in fat and high in fibre, it provides the right balance of nutrients to make a healthy breakfast. The bodybuilder needs to avoid the high-sugar instant varieties, because they do not provide enough food per serving to sustain a difficult workout and have too much sugar.

Instead, make your own oatmeal and add the flavourings you like to it, cutting much of the simple sugars. Consider making a fruit and cream oatmeal by adding fresh fruit and milk. Sugar-free syrup and a dash of brown sugar replacement makes a tasty maple and brown sugar oatmeal without the added sugar found in the instant varieties. Nuts give an added energy boost, and you can increase the protein in the meal by adding a scoop of protein powder to the bowl.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein for the bodybuilder, and they can be made in several ways to add variety to the diet. The best way for bodybuilders to eat eggs is scrambled or in an omelette, because they can cut the fat by adding a few egg whites to the mixture before cooking.

Scrambled egg sandwiches give you a portable bodybuilding breakfast option. Use two whole eggs and six egg whites to make the egg scramble. Consider adding peppers or onions to the eggs as you scramble them. Then pile the scrambled eggs onto whole-wheat toast, and you have a portable breakfast. Dress this breakfast sandwich up by adding to it. A slice of tomato, low-fat cheese or lean deli meat can add additional nutrients and flavour to the meal.

Plain scrambled eggs or an omelette with low-fat cheese works well if you are eating at home. Whole-grain toast and fresh fruit add the necessary carbohydrates to this meal.


Breakfast smoothies work well for bodybuilders who need to eat on the run. They are low in fat, and protein powder adds as much protein as needed to the drink. Make a smoothie using low-fat yoghurt, fresh fruit and protein powder. Add water to achieve the consistency you like. Peanut butter and banana also work well as a breakfast smoothie. They can be mixed with chocolate protein powder and yoghurt to create a milkshake-like drink. If your smoothie needs to be a little sweeter, add some honey or a sugar substitute to it.

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