Grants for Indoor & Outdoor Preschool Equipment

Updated April 17, 2017

Whether you are opening up a new preschool or replacing old equipment in an existing one, purchasing indoor and outdoor equipment can be a large expenditure in a tight budget. To ease the financial burden this might place on your school, you can apply for a special grant allotted to funding such an endeavour. Find the grants that are right for your school.

First 5 Mendocino

While some grants are for very specific items or agendas, the First 5 Mendocino has a certain (unspecified) amount of money available for those desiring a grant. Download the criterion to see if you are eligible. The requesting agency must have show a proven track record of success and provide a reason why the money is needed. An example is indoor and outdoor equipment for preschools.

Children's Investment Fund

A non-profit organisation that seeks to provide child-care professionals and organisations with the extra funding that they need, Children's Investment Fund offers grants for educational purposes. If the fund does not have the resources at the time of the request and it feels that your project is worthwhile, it will try to raise that money for your organisation. To inquire, draft a proposal and submit it through the fund's website.

Pokagon Fund

Those seeking a grant for a preschool should search for local non-profit first before seeking a national program as there will be less competition for limited funds. One example of such an agency is the Pokagon Fund. It serves the residents of the Township of New Buffalo in Michigan. Grants are available on an as-needed basis to those who show the most compelling argument. You will want to explain why your preschool needs new equipment, for example, to be eligible for the Pokagon Fund grant.

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