Ideas to Make a Funny Hat

Updated February 21, 2017

Whether for a party, a school project, or just because, there are many ways to make funny hats.

It's easy to use your imagination, some art supplies and even some personal memorabilia to create a hat worth laughing at. Make one for your friend, make one for yourself or make one for your dog. It's easy, fun and a great use of imagination by children of ALL ages.

Paint and Glitter

A funny hat can be made easily and inexpensively using puffy paint, glitter and a baseball hat bought from your local craft store.

Draw cute, funny pictures with the paint or write funny phrases or inside jokes that you share with family or friends. Sprinkle some glitter onto the hat before the paint dries to make it sparkle. The hat will be multicoloured (with different-coloured puffy paints), sparkley, and funny, making even passersby laugh.

Scrapbook Hat

If puffy paint and glitter aren't enough to make your ideal funny hat, try using lightweight personal memorabilia, knickknacs, or photos.

Think of your hat as a canvas or a scrapbook. Use safety pins to securely place small pictures of people making funny faces or comic-strip cut-outs. Glue a spinning pin-wheel to the top of the hat so that it spins when you walk, or glue on small green army men toys that are lightweight and would add humour to your hat. Get creative and look in your toy-box and junk drawers for other lightweight items you can glue, stick, or pin to your hat for a few laughs.

Newspaper Hat

Don't want to buy a blank hat from a craft store? No problem because it's easy to make your own hat out of newspaper. To make it funny, use, well, the funny pages!

To make a newspaper hat, get a sheet of newspaper (or half a sheet for a child's hat) and fold it in half. Fold over each corner of the folded-edge side into the centre to make the paper look like one large triangle or what looks like the start of a paper aeroplane. Then, flip up the bottom flap and turn the hat over to flip up the other bottom flap. Push the corners together, and your hat will open up. You can paint on the hat, glue lightweight items (like multi-coloured feathers or cotton balls) onto the hat, add glitter or cut-outs to the hat and more. The shape of the hat is funny, and adding your own items or comedic phrases to the hat will make it even more so.

Paper Plate

To use paper plates, punch a hole into two sides of a plate so they are directly across from each other. Fold the paper plate in half so that the holes are on the flat side and the other side is sticking up. Now, use scissors (parents only) to cut animal ears or different shapes in the side that's sticking up. Decorate the hat with paint, or glue items onto the hat. Use string to tie into the punched holes so that the hat will sit flat on your head.

Paper Bag

Make a paper bag hat.

Draw, paint, glue almost anything you'd like onto all sides of the bag. Cut shapes into the bag if you'd like. Punch two small holes in each side of the back near the base of the bag so that you can tie a string through the holes and under your chin to hold it. The bag will be sitting on your head with the opening on top. Not only is this funny because you'll have funny words, phrases, pictures and wacky colours all over it, but you'll also actually be able to put stuff into your hat like balloons, cotton balls and even small stuffed animals.

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