Interactive Games for ESL Students

Updated April 17, 2017

Interactive games and activities can be a great way to help English as a Second Language (ESL) students work on their English language skills while still allowing them to have fun. The internet is a resource with a seemingly unending supply of such activities and games, ranging from crossword puzzles and printable card games to interactive vocabulary and grammar quizzes. It is also helpful that many games on the internet are also available free of charge.

TEFL Games

TEFL Games is a website dedicated to providing resources to teachers and students of ESL. Their 'Free ESL Games and Quiz Corner' is a great resource full of online games and quizzes as well as printable materials, all available for free. There are matching card games that teachers or students can print to practice their vocabulary, as well as interactive quizzes and games that students can play online, all in a variety of skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. These activities can be accessed by visiting

Activities for ESL Students

This website contains an array of activities for ESL students to practice their vocabulary and grammar skills. It includes grammar quizzes, vocabulary quizzes, and crossword puzzles, all in varying skill levels. Another exciting facet of this website is its long list of bilingual vocabulary quizzes. These quizzes assist students of multiple languages, including Chinese, French, German, Swahili, and Spanish, in learning English, and can be found at

ESL Online Learning Games

ESl Kid Stuff has an array of brightly coloured, animated games for ESL students. They can be used for a range of ages and skill levels, and include activities that help students learn the order of the alphabet, place numbers correctly on a clock, learn the colours, and work on their spelling of English words. You can find these games by visiting and clicking the "Online Activities & Games" button from the main menu.

ESL Game Boards

Lanternfish is a website that contains many different types of printable resources for ESL students and teachers. One type of resource they have is printable game boards. There are over a dozen different board games spanning a wide range of different vocabulary and grammar topics. The game boards are listed on the Web page as Microsoft Word documents, and can be opened or saved and then printed, all for free! The games include topics such as adjectives, embedded questions, rhymes and opposites, adverbs, and present and past tenses. There is also a blank game board template for users who want to create their own game. All of these games can be found at

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