Medieval arts & crafts for kids

Written by ilana boyum
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Medieval arts & crafts for kids
What boy doesn't want to be a dashing knight? (Knight on Horse image by Humza Tarar from

Few times in history spark little imaginations quite so much as medieval times. With something to please both boys and girls, it is no surprise that even grow-ups enjoy getting in on the fun, and dressing the part of beautiful princesses, swashbuckling pirates and noble knights. There are many fun activities that you can do with children to bring the past to life.

Royal Things

For most people, medieval times are all about knights and kings and kingly things. For little girls, this means swishing gowns, towering castles and crowns. Making their own crown is a perennial favourite with little girls, and gives a great opportunity for them to express their inner royal. Whether you opt for the pre-cut foam versions, or construct something completely from scratch, out of cardboard and aluminium foil, this is one craft that will be enjoyed again and again.

Perhaps you want to take the focus off of the headgear though, and channel your child's creative juices into other aspects of royal life. To accomplish that, transform a regular chair into a throne, with some gold paint and gemstones. If you would rather keep your furniture in its current incarnation, then you can build a doll-sized model out of paper towel tubes and coloured paper.

For boys, grab some building blocks, and help them construct a castle, complete with a moat and drawbridge.

Medieval arts & crafts for kids
With a little imagination, any chair can become a throne. (chaise bleue image by Jerome Dancette from

Knightly Endeavors

There is something about the skill and grace of swordplay that really gets kid's imagination going. Boys and girls alike are drawn to the fun footwork and fancy stances that they envision when you mention a knight to them. To help your lords and ladies become knights, one and all, help them fashion swords and shields out of cardboard, wrapping paper tubes and foil. Designing a crest for their shield can be an excellent opportunity for you to dig into your family history a bit, and see if there isn't a way to incorporate that into the design.

Other ideas would be to use fabric, glue and your imagination to create a suit of armour that can keep your youthful protectors safe from all of those imaginary dragons.

Medieval arts & crafts for kids
Even a pillowcase can become regal as a tabard. (knight image by Vladislav Gajic from

Dragons, Unicorns and Other Mythical Beasts

The medieval world that kids love to imagine is fraught with mythical wonders and dangers. Children can spend hours imagining weird and wonderful creatures that might have shared the land with the brave knights and beautiful princesses of the day. Capture those colourful images on paper, by having your children draw their dragons, unicorns and Pegasuses.

If your children aren't big into drawing, and like instead to work on things with more dimension, you could build an eggcrate dragon with them, or a flowerpot unicorn. Engage their imagination in their creations and you will all be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Medieval arts & crafts for kids
Cut their imaginations loose, and let their stories come to life. (Unicorn Tapestry image by luapeed from

More Mature Pursuits

For older kids, you can incorporate more learning into the hands on activities that you do. Make your own paper, and have your child hand write a letter to a relative on it, using ink and a feather. Teach your child about ancient time keeping by constructing a sundial, and learning how to use it.

Medieval arts & crafts for kids
A sundial is an education project for the whole family. (sundial image by john barber from

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