Cheap Ideas for Decorating a Living Room

Sometimes the thought of decorating a living room can be daunting and the whole process may seem expensive. Cheap decorating ideas for living rooms abound, from painting to adding soft accessories.


Paint is one the least expensive ways to update your living room. A classic, neutral paint such as taupe, grey or mocha painted on the walls can completely transform the look of your living room for just a few dollars. For less of a paint commitment and even less money, create a focal point by painting just an accent wall a bright colour. This particular project only requires about a quart of paint. While paint is optimal for changing the way a room looks, it can always be changed if you can't live with the colour.

Add a Rug

To cover up old, dingy flooring such as stained carpet or chipped tile, consider adding an area rug. Reproduction oriental and Persian rugs add a lot of colour for a little amount of money. Shag rugs add texture and a soft feel underfoot. Sisal rugs incorporate tranquil colours and durability. Braided cotton rugs provide a country feel. Most styles of rugs can be found in rug speciality stores, ordered online or through mass merchants.

Add Accessories

Colourful accessories are an inexpensive way to decorate on a budget. Add some cheap framed posters to the walls for eye appeal. Group together framed photos on tabletops. Keep the frames the same colour for the most cohesive look. Change out the lampshades on your table and floor lamps with new shades. Cover existing shades with funky fabric for a new look. Place homemade pillows on sofas and chairs to give a feeling of comfort. Add a soft chenille throw to the back of a sofa for use during an impromptu nap. Put some candles in groupings on table tops, add fresh or dried flowers for colour.

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