Cheap floor covering ideas

Written by george n. root iii | 13/05/2017
Cheap floor covering ideas
Cover floors without spending a fortune. (wooden texture of the floor - ideal background image by Elnur from

Whether a floor is concrete or wood, you can install cheap floor covering yourself and save on labour costs. When you are planning a new room design project, make sure that the final result matches the decor in the room. You could also use a cheap floor covering project as a way to change the colour scheme in a room or change the design theme.


Self-adhesive linoleum squares are inexpensive and come in a variety of styles and colours. Some even look like marble or tile. These 30 cm (1 foot) squares of linoleum are easy to apply; simply remove the protective backing to reveal the adhesive and then place the square on the floor. Be sure to accurately measure the amount of floor space you want to cover and then buy a little more than you need to allow for errors.


One of the least expensive ways to decorate a concrete floor is to paint it. Concrete floor paint comes in a variety of colours and is formulated to keep the moisture out, which is especially useful for basement floors. An epoxy floor paint is durable and repels water. It also comes in many colours that you can mix to create a marble effect. You can use stencils to add visual interest to a floor.

Paint and an area rug

Area rugs can be relatively inexpensive, even larger sizes that cover most of the floor in a room. Since area rugs typically don't cover the entire floor, you can paint a floor and then lay an inexpensive area rug over it. Use a paint colour on the floor that matches both the room and the area rug. Experiment with different colours until you find the right combination.


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